Late For Work is about the jam we get ourselves into when we don't leave early enough. Listen

Six Steps To Heaven is a modal piece inspired by Miles Davis's Kind Of Blue Album. Listen

Lightning Bug Whispers is based on the chord changes to Whisperin'. It includes elements of Dizzy's Groovin' High, also based on Whisperin', in the background. At the end all three melodies play with each other. Listen

Little Fox has a 4/4 groove with a 5/4 lurch that makes it fun to play! Listen

Glacier is an improvisational piece which differs from more traditional improvisational pieces in that its melody and harmony are precisely specified and strictly followed. The improvisation is in the dynamics, bowing, vibrato, attack and pizzicato of each note. It is an unmetered piece in that it is not in a traditional meter like 4/4 (4 beats per measure). Instead, all measures are marked in seconds of duration and the ensemble moves to the next measure after a certain number of seconds has elapsed. Listen

I wrote Little Willie's Leap Year in this leap year of 2008. It "leaps" from 3/4 to 4/4 to 5/4. The name is a play on the title of Miles Davis’ tune, Little Willie Leaps. Listen

Evie's Smile is for my wonderful wife Evie! Listen

A Cloudy Day In Spring is an impressionistic reworking of a piece I wrote over 30 years ago. Listen

Kathy Moore’s beautiful song, Green, appears on Kathy’s latest CD, Across Time, and I arranged it for the Ensemble. Listen

I wrote Scotty's Dream about my brother who was ill with schizophrenia until his early death in December, 2005. After I had written the music, I found the poem I read at the beginning of the piece while going through his things after his death. I think it captures the hell of his mental illness. Listen

Strollin' Monk was written for Detroit pianist Kenn Cox after I had taken a blues piano class with him. We had many discussions of Thelonius Monk and his music. Kenn was one of Detroit's great musicians. Listen

Table Of Stars is based on composer Alexander Scriabin's "mystic chord," which he used to generate entire pieces.

I was intrigued by this idea of a limited number of notes being used for a whole composition and Table Of Stars is the result. It uses almost exclusively only these notes. Listen

I wrote a sketch of An Inward Glance for my father and sent a recording of a solo piano version of it to him a month before he died of lung cancer. For most of my adult life we had been estranged and in the year or so before his death, we had begun to get re-acquainted. Neither of us really knew the other and in the short time we had before his passing, I thought that writing a piece of music for him was the best way to show him who I was now. The music reflects our isolation and ambivalence and the title reminds me of the importance of "looking beneath the coverings." While I was writing the sketch, I kept hearing it for strings and this is the result. Listen

Jag's Wag is named after Jag, my German Shepherd. Listen

Self-Portrait In Three Colors was written by composer and bassist Charles Mingus. It’s a favorite piece of mine and I wanted to make an arrangement of it that was true to Mingus's love of unresolved tensions. Listen

When I learned that pianist Glenn Tucker also played clarinet and that his brother, Colin, played cello, I wrote Two Brothers which is loosely based on George and Ira Gershwin's I Got Rhythm. The first eight measures sticks to the Gershwin's original harmony and after that, it's a bit different. Listen

Rainfeather is an impressionistic piece that is evocative of the softness of a rainy day. Listen

Quick Squeeze is a modal jazz tune similar to Miles's So What and Trane's Impressions. Listen

A fusion of jazz and classical attitudes.

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